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Lisa Penney's bottle

Hello to you, whoever you may be! We are the Penney Family from Emonton! We threw our Bottle from Trepassey Newfoundland while on vacation visiting my Mother and Father in law. My husband is from Newfoundland. He moved to Edmonton when he was 19, met me, and we now have a beautiful family with many children. Life is always full of surprises, I can't wait to see where his bottle ends up! I hope you, the one who found this bottle, will keep in contact with us! Sending much love across the oceans, The Penney's

Castaway Location:
Trepassey, Newfoundland. Thrown into the Atlantic Ocean IN Trepassey by my Father in Law, Gabriel Penney. On August 20th 2016.

Cast date: August 16, 2019
From: Trepassey Newfoundland
Living: Edmonton Alberta
Age: 31-40
Why this location?  Holiday


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