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Erin Marinelli's bottle

Hello from Newfoundland, Canada!! It's Canada day here and we're so proud we just wanted to spread our happiness. Wherever you are and whoever you are, Hello!! Make sure you cherish everyday and appreciate your life and loved ones xoxo

Castaway Location:
Newfoundland ferry to Nova Scotia, Canada

Cast date: July 01, 2017
From: Etobicoke
Living: Canada
Hobby: Traveling the world, making sure we see as much of this beautiful planet as possible
Age: 31-40
Why this location?  Holiday


Briand Paolo
January 19, 2018
Found near 46*55,5 N
I found this bottle on the west coast of Langlade (SPM) by 46 degrés 55.5 north and 056 degrés 19.6 west
And I’ll cast it back at sea again


"Briand Paolo Saint Pierre et Miquelon "