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Ashley Pearn's bottle

I first found this bottle after a short stint in the warm August waters of Parlee Beach with the enclosed message "WILL YOU MARRY ME"... It was handwritten on the back of my lunch time Poutine receipt from the Golden Fry in Shediac New Brunswick, Canada. The answer was YES... two years later our love has grown even stronger and we wish the same good fortune and blessings for you after finding our message in a bottle.

Castaway Location:
During our one year wedding celebration at White Point Beach Resort just south of our home in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada we threw this bottle into the Atlantic Ocean at high tide.

Cast date: October 01, 2016
From: Bathurst New Brunswick Canada
Living: Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada
Hobby: hiking, kayaking, dogs, golf, laughing.
Age: 31-40
Why this location?  Holiday


Linda And Cindy
October 17, 2016
Found near whitepoint beach ns
Congradulations, found your bottle while on vacation with my sister in nova scotia. We are from b.c.


"casting away in vancouver pacific ocean"