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Irene Gauthier 's bottle

Please keep my bottle going. I want to see how many people can find it. Thank you

Castaway Location:
Placenta Bay, NFLD

Cast date: July 31, 2015
From: Newfoundland
Living: Canada
Hobby: Crafts,Gardening
Age: 51-60
Why this location?  Holiday


August 05, 2015
Found near Placenta Bay, Nfld
Found your bottle Irene. I Re-Casted off the shoul of placenta bay near the ocean. Happy floating

October 24, 2015

January 02, 2016
botella encontrada en botella de suministro astillero volver al barco

September 07, 2018
From: Russia
Living: Florida
Age: 51-60
Found near PEVEK
Hello Irene. I find this bottle vacation in Pevek Russia. I think this your bottle. number on the tag hard to read. water damage . This bottle around 4 years I am surprise to see last this long. I write in pen the number again. I hope this your bottle.


"Your bottle was damaged in our pump filters. More junk to clean up!!"