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Karla Osmond's bottle

Please return to the ocean for the next person to find.

Castaway Location:
Middle Sackville Nova Scotia

Cast date: September 04, 2017
From: Middle Sackville
Living: Nova Scotia
Hobby: Soccer, art work, boating, eating fruit
Age: 1-10
Why this location?  Live here


The Williamson Family
September 20, 2018
Living: Maryland
Found near Avon, NC
We found this bottle on Thursday, September 20, 2018 after Hurricane Florence came through. This was a neat experience with our two girls, ages 6 and 9. Thank you!!

Tiffany Meekins
September 20, 2018
From: NC
Living: Avon,NC
Age: 31-40
Found near Avon,NC 27915
Hi, really excited to find this message in a bottle! I am a avid beachcomber, go out every day. This is my second bottle, but the first one had got water inside so we weren\'t able to read, it was a written letter.
OBXBeachcomber is on Facebook and Instagram, will post pics tomorrow


"Was cast away!"