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Branod Barry Squires 's bottle

Hello my name is Brandon Squires. I am 15 years old. I am from St. johns Newfoundland and Labrador. I am in my second term of grade ten. I am currently taking Bio 3201 chem 2202 math 2100 and English 1200. I like to read, play drums and play video games. I have the bronze level Duke of Edinburgh award and I am currently working on the silver level. I hope to hear from you if you have found my bottle. Go penguin's!!!

Castaway Location:
Fishing boat off the coast of Newfound land Canada, around Petty Harbour. Why this location: Because I live in Newfoundland and I think the bottle will have a better chance of finding some one if lunched from a boat.

Cast date: April 28, 2018
From: St,Johns Nl Cannada
Living: St.johns Nl Canada
Hobby: politics, reading, druming
Age: 11-20
Why this location?  Live here


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