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Joshua Beck's bottle

Hello, My grandma bought this bottle for me. I hope you like it! I live in Calgary. Where do you live?

Castaway Location:
I threw it from a ferry to Vancouver.

Cast date: August 11, 2017
From: Calgary
Living: Calgary
Hobby: Kicking butt
Age: 1-10
Why this location?  Holiday


Ken Bayne
August 16, 2017
From: Vancouver
Living: Vancouver
Age: 61-70
Found near Roberts Creek
Hi Josh. My name is Ken. My wife Penny and I found your bottle today on the beach at Roberts Creek, just across the Salish Sea from Nanaimo. It took 5 days to get here. We read your message and because we didn\'t have any money to add, we put a beautiful clam shell from our beach. We returned the bottle to the sea on an outgoing tide so we hope it finds many exotic places on the future that you can hear from. Cheers